1 Black Striiv Bio 2 Plus Activity Tracker Compatible with Android and Apple

$ 39.00 $ 79.00

Smartwatch Black Striiv Bio 2 Plus

The Fusion Bio 2 Plus showcases continuous heart rate tracking, even while exercising, and sleeping. With over 50,000 heart rate samples per day, find deeper insights into your resting and active heart rate throughout the day.

***Compatible with Android and Apple

Beyond standard activity and sleep tracking, Bio 2 Plus includes smartwatch alerts for Caller ID, text messages, and all your favorite apps without the bulk of a smartwatch. Never miss an important call, text, or meet again.

With Bio 2 Plus' touchscreen, log your diet, weight, and hydration without ever taking out your phone. Sticking to healthy habits has never been easier.

Feature List

Continuous heart rate monitor
Long battery life (up to 2 weeks)
Habit journaling (diet, weight, medication, hydration)
Activity monitor (steps, distance, calories, walk time)
Sleep monitor
Caller ID, text, and app notifications
Vibrating alarms
Meeting reminders
Smartphone music control
Splash- and sweat proof
Up to 1-week battery life
Micro-USB powered (No proprietary cradle necessary)
Music Control

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