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Wrapping up the 2019 annual season, We made continued strides as a leading wholesaler/drop shippers for handbags and accessoriesWith several tens of thousands of products, We remain an innovator in the industry. Closely monitoring the U.S. and European markets to determine what will sell and strive to take the finest elements from designer collections and use them in our own, unique designs. The process moves to the crafting, which is done in high level plants where quality and details are the main factors. Products are meticulously crafted to main high levels of quality assurance, ensuring that the end product meets the standards of discerning customers who purchase these. The products that are produced are luxury items that fit the tastes of discriminating tastes everywhere. The proof is in the sales: We have over twenty thousand customers worldwide, of which seventy two percent are return customers who love the our products.
At WLS we aim to please, and make every effort to provide excellent customer service. We are always improving our product line according to customer feedback, and we respond to inquiries with quick service and a smile – a virtual smile, that is. With much competition in the marketplace, this helps us stand out as a leading business who knows how to treat their customers so that they remain loyal; and it obviously works.
With so much success in the past year, we are not resting on our laurels but are
using our success as a springboard to bigger and better. Expect even more from
WLS as we reach into the new year with improved products, superior
customers service and an attitude that sees its customers’ successes as its own.

Why sell purses and handbags

1. The purse and handbag market has been steadily growing over the past few years and is estimated to continue to grow into the next decade. According to statista the purse and handbag industry expected to grow at around 5.9% over the next two years.

2. The bag industry also has a ton of room for expansion - from luxury purses to designer backpacks - there’s a lot of possibilities for crafting a personality for your brand.

3. A cosmopolitan fashionista will find great fun dipping into the more high-end, luxurious side of the market and the sporty type will dip into the less expensive, more casual and practical bags- theres room in the market for us all!

4. When your business pickup you can expand into other territory within the same industry. For example - if you decide to sell high-end purses to an older audience, it would make sense to consider moving into selling fashion accessories down the road. 


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We have been making custom products with individual branding, features to meet specific needs, and unique styling or leather for over 30 years. It doesn't matter if you are a television/film studio looking for something specific for a character or office environment, a company that wants their logo on a product to be used by their personnel, a marketing company in the leather business, or just someone that wants specific features added or removed from one of our existing products.

Our offices are located in California, as is our base factory. Which gives us the flexibility to provide you with a wide variety of silhouettes and leathers to make customization easy. With years of experience and a solid reputation for quality, we have the team in place to get things done quickly and correctly. We can make the item that you need while maintaining quality, integrity, and function within a reasonable cost and time frame.


Please Complete our Custom & Private Label Form