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1.) Do you dropship?

Yes! Check our drop ship program

2.) Do you Accept PayPal?

Yes! You can pay us with any major credit card and/or your PayPal account

3.) Do I need to provide business licenses?

No. We are wholesale company and do not charge sales tax.

4.) Do you require a federal tax ID, or EIN, or businesses ID/permit, or sellers permit, to drop ship with you?


No. We are wholesale company and do not charge sales tax.

5.) Do you ship orders USA, or Worldwide?

Wholesale orders can be shipped worldwide. You will have to pay for shipping. We will provide you with the lowest shipping rate available. We Dropship orders only to the continental USA.

6.) Can we use your pics, and name on our website?

Yes! as a dropship member you will be provided with CSV files and images.

7.) Can we resell your items on Amazon or eBay?

Yes! You may resell our products at any of your channels online. The more channels you have the better!

8.) Can we get a discount to resell your items on our website?

Yes! Discount are available When purchasing in bulk.

9.) If there is no activity with no orders on our account for 30 days, or 1 year will it be deleted?

No. You can keep your account open for as long as you wish.

10.) Do we have to make 1 purchase of any amount once per month, or 1 year?

We sure you will. But we will not close your account for as long as you wish. 

11.) Do we need an account to drop ship?

Yes! Create your drop shipper account @ DropshipDEALS

12.) What is the minimum order we must place?

Wholesale -$100. Dropship - No minimum.

13.) As a drop shipper can we get a wholesale price amount for drop shipping?

Yes! you will get the wholesale price + shipping charges and drop ship fee


( $2.99)  will be added to your order.

14.) Will our buyers know where the items came from?

No. We will not include our business name with shipments.

15.) Will you blind drop ship orders?

Yes! we will blind ship all your orders

16.) Will there be any prices, or labels inside the box?

No. There will not be any price or lable inside the box.

17.) Who's name will be on the box for returns?


18.) Do you offer returns on items?

Yes. We will provide with return label upon request.

19). What is your Return Policy?

Notify DSD via e-mail to , within 3 days of delivery of the merchandise if you should encounter any problems with your order. Damaged returns and/or items received in error may be returned for exchange, store credit or credit to your credit card within a 30 day period from receipt of your order. Requests for returns other than those mentioned above are subject to approval by DSD Shipping charges may apply. Our approval e-mail must accompany the return in order to assure proper handling and credit.

20.) What is the drop ship fee?

$2.99 Per order. (Not per item)

21.) What is the signup amount fee for dropship, or wholesale?

Wholesale - Free

Drop shipping - $79.99 annually

22.) Do you have a CSV, or XML file of your items?

Yes! As a dropshipper you will be provided with access to CSV files and images.

23.) Can we resell your items, if we resell others items from other websites?

Yes! You may resell our items if you resell others items from other websites

24.) Can we drop ship with you, if we are drop shipping with other websites also?

Yes! you can drop ship with us if you are drop shipping with other websites

25.) Do we have to buy, and drop ship with you only on our website?

No. You may work with few dropshippers

26.) What price can we set our items to resell?

You can set Any price you wish.

27.) What is the minimum MAP price we must resell your items on our website?

No MAP price

28.) What are your other websites that we can order from?


Wholesale -

Dropship -


Feel free to contact us if you have questions