Toweltails 100% Cotton Towel for Boys and Girls 55" Long Perfect for T–

Toweltails 100% Cotton Towel for Boys and Girls 55" Long Perfect for The Beach Pool or Bath

$ 12.00 $ 65.00

Has your daughter ever wanted to transform into a magical mermaid and swim to the bottom of the oceans? Introducing TowelTails, an idea so brilliant, that it could have only come from the mind of an innocent little child. Actually, a little mermaid herself, the CEO’s 4-year-old daughter! After bathing one day, she tied a simple towel around her feet, and whimsically turned to mom and dad and said; "Look I'm a mermaid." That's when TowelTails was born and the rest, as they say, is history. Our towels are made with 100% premium quality cotton, are easy to wash and simple to clean. A comfortable, lightweight, and cozy towel to be enjoyed at bath time, pool, or beach. Take this towel with you the beach or a pool party to show off and have oodles of fun. Your #1 beach day accessory that can be used as a towel or even as a beach blanket to sit on and dry off after going for a dip. In addition to being a soft cotton towel, you can use this towel as a blanket that is perfect for sleep away camp or a makeshift sleeping bag. If you want to rest on a summer day while the air conditioner is on, grab your Toweltail that is spectacularly comfy for all occasions. Toweltails make a perfect gift or birthday present! Perfect for the Beach, Pool, or Bath!

  • Cotton
  • 100% Cotton & Machine Washable
  • Multi-Purpose Towel - go inside, lay on top, or dry yourself off
  • One Size fits most
  • Crafted at the highest quality
  • Makes a perfect gift - comes in beautiful retail packaging

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