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Purse Party Consultant Tips

By Etty Fhima April 08, 2019 0 comments

Are you a purse party consultant? Here are some tips for making the most out of your parties and getting the most out of them – for you!

1. During the party, be sure to give proper recognition to the hostess for all of the things she has done to ensure that the party is a success. After all, you’re the one that benefits the most from someone else’s hard work.

2. Bring extra hostess packets with you to every party you attend. That way, when a guest at a party books her own party, you can sit down to business that night and go over the packet with her. Go through it thoroughly to sort out any questions she might have and ensure that her party is a smashing success. 

3. Be organized. After a hostess book a party, request that she send you a list of invitees within 4 days, Write the date of the event on the list and send it back to her so it’s all together.   

4. In the hostess packet, include 2 guest list forms for her convenience and show her how to fill them out.

5. If the hostess returns the guest list with fewer than 20 names, arrange a phone call to devise strategies for increasing attendance.

Purse Party Consultant

6. Be good to your hostesses, and they’ll be good for you. Make sure they know what the hostess promotions are every month.

7. Give your hostess flyer templates to work with so she can advertise her party beautifully and with ease.

8. Provide the hostess with a current catalog and several order forms so she can take outside orders for you at any time.

9. Arrange a meeting or phone call with the hostess to go over your goals for the party and so you can brainstorm ways to reach your goals.

10. Call the hostess three days before the party to ask her to give all the guests a reminder phone call about the event and offer them extra discounts for purchases during the event.

11. Call the hostess again the day before the party to see if there’s anything she needs from you, whether help with any outside orders or making phone calls or anything else. Be sure to get directions to her house and do a trial drive if possible. Get an estimate on the number of guests she’s expecting and if there’s been any change in the preference of products.

12. Don’t extend goals beyond the night of the party. At that point, you move on to the next opportunity.

13. Before the party, give the hostess all the information she needs about business opportunities with you.

14. Have a discussion about your job and see if she’s ever considered it for herself. 

15. Get referrals from the hostess for other hostesses to book future parties.

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