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Where to Buy Western Handbags?

By Etty Fhima February 20, 2019 0 comments

The Western look is in! Handbag retailers take note: many customers want Western handbags only. That means you should at least have a few in stock! Even if you sell outside of Texas, you want to get in on this trend and take advantage of the profits available for this niche. And they’re easy to add into any existing array of merchandise.

So what’s this look all about? We’re talkin’ cowboy hats, cowboy boots and smokin’ handguns. You get the look – something you’d find the ladies sporting at the OK Corral. Alright, maybe not quite, but that’s the trend we’re talking about here; Studs, silver hardware, broken-in leather, and plenty of sass. Although they come in the standard brown cowhide style, fun, urban women like to do it with a twist – in bright, colorful shades, and dual colors such as pink and black.

Wholesale Western Handbags

If you do visit Texas, you’ll see women wearing these everywhere. But just as country music has made it to the big cities, the cowgirl look has taken off nationally as well. So even if you up somewhere in Minnesota or Ohio, you can hawk this look to your customers. Try to get a whole Western theme going – feature hats and bags and belt buckles and create an authentic experience.

If you sell online, it’s even more advantageous for you to go Western because you can target customers in all 50 states. It can open up your clientele and take your business to new levels. If you do dropship, it’s even easier – you can simply choose a few wholesale western handbags from your dropshipper’s catalog and feature them on your web site, risk-free. Add a Western look to a box on your home page to feature the theme, and email your list with a cute and catchy notice about the new products.

If your current supplier doesn’t offer Western style handbags, it’s not difficult to find a wholesale purse supplier that does. Many wholesalers offer huge catalogs that are consistently updated with new products, and you’ll be sure to find excellent options through them.

Don’t worry about this trend going out of style. If you’re online, you can always continue to target southwestern gals who always wear this look. And if you dropship, you can remove the items as soon as you see their sales slowing down. If you own a storefront, plan carefully and consider it a seasonal theme.

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