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3 Tips for Retail Merchandising Success

By Etty Fhima January 12, 2017 0 comments

1. Stocking your shelves. Selecting merchandise for your store can be the most time-consuming and expensive part of your business operation. This duty shouldn't be taken lightly! You should visit wholesale marts to get an idea of the merchandise you'd like to carry with every season. Decide what your mark-up will be and what's appropriate for your area.

Choosing the merchandise can be fun, but remember to maintain a general theme and purpose for your products. Discuss ideas with other retailers at the mart, and ask the sales reps for their ideas and suggestions. You'll find most people just like us are willing to help and discuss their experiences with certain products. We hope this email will help you decide and narrow down [your choices to] products that will do well in your store. 

2. Keeping a theme. We maintain a theme in our stores by staying true to brands and styles we carry. Customers know what to expect when they come into our stores. Sticking to your theme will help you build loyal customers and create a unique store in the process.

3. Stay current and stay true. Don't think you know it all when it comes to trends. Keep up with local as well as national trends. You might see a particular look plastered all over the TV or in fashion magazines, but know your market. Will it sell in your store? Does it fit your theme? And don't attempt to sell anything that's way out of your normal buying budget just because it's trendy. The best thing to do is listen to your customers. Customers will always let you know what they're looking for, but only if you ask.

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