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Finding Products for Your Business

By Etty Fhima January 12, 2017 0 comments

To win half the battle before they even begin selling entrepreneurs take the time to understand product sourcing. You should too!  Take that time, and you'll be doing the best you can to ensure your success.

It's sure not enough to simply know where to get inventory from--you should know what products people are buying. Market research is a critical part of product sourcing.

These resources can help: Terapeak is the leading provider of e-commerce market intelligence. Terapeak offers software solutions designed to help retailers grow their online sales. Terapeak offers both free and paid service options. The free membership provides access to helpful business intelligence tools such as the MySales Dashboard while paid subscription plans provide access to powerful eBay market intelligence tools.

Common uses for Terapeak include:

  • Valuation research (value of new and used condition goods sold online).
  • Opportunity assessment and niche market identification.
  • Competition pricing research.
  • Sales performance and traffic monitoring.

The Sell Niches Bundle has been specifically designed to take you from “what should I sell?” to knowing exactly what product(s) you are going to build your business around. What’s Happening with Amazon & Ecommerce


Here are 3 legitimate internet sources offering information on genuine, factory-authorized manufacturers and wholesalers:

  • ThomasNet is a good resource if you choose to do your own product sourcing research by identifying the manufacturers of products made in North America.
  • This website connects you with overseas manufacturers looking to work with small and large businesses alike.
  • This site is the only comprehensive directory of genuine wholesalers that is certified by eBay. 
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