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5 Goals Of Great Visual Merchandising

By Slobodanka Nikolic January 12, 2017 0 comments

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According to design: retail magazine, “visual merchandising takes your consumer from the retail display to the cash register. Encouraging sales through creative color and commercial retail design is a key element to keeping a customer interested.” 

The 5 Simple goals this translate to are:

    1. Excitement – You want to create excitement around your store and products. You want your store to draw your customer into your world through the merchandise in it.
    2. Customer Senses – You want to stimulate all 5 customer senses. You want to attract not only with sight but smells (subtle scents), touch, sound (complimentary music) and taste, too (salt water taffy bits or fudge for tasting – you will sell more boxes this way).
    3. A Successful Floor Plan – Set a clear comfortable image of your store layout. Ask yourself, “What’s the traffic flow in my store? Do I have enough merchandise to set a promotional display?”
    4. Shopper Demographics – You want to know your customer demographics. “The who and what” of the people coming into your store. 
    5. Be Inspired By Others – Visit other retailers and capture the environment around you. Remember! What inspires you will most likely visually excite your own customers.

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