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5 Handbags To Complete Your Y2K Look

By Isaiah Bradford February 25, 2022 0 comments

The early aughts are back with a ba(n)g. From bowling bags to butterfly clips, VSCO girl's everywhere are rejoicing as their favorite looks make a major comeback.

Whether you were Team Paris or Team Nicole, and no matter if you love Britney or Christina, there's one thing we can all agree on; the 2000's are back in a big way.

From oversized sexy saddle bags to classic bowler, let's take a look at the 2000's handbag trends that are making a wave amongst the fashion world today: 


1. Saddle Bags

While the Dior Saddle bag was made famous in the early aughts by the smash series Sex And The City, today it's taken on many variations that allow for much more spacious storage compartments.  

Take this Unique Saddle Style Leather Backpack for example. The genuine leather sling style bag mimics the Saddle Bags signature look -- but is modernized thanks to it's unique backpack design.

Get yours today for just $28. 

2. Bowler Bags

In the mid-2000's you could not open up a tabloid without seeing the now infamous bowler bag. Celebs like Paris Hilton and Hilary Duff were infamous for carrying this stylish silhouette. It's easy to see why they're so beloved. They're sexy yet professional, and cute yet fully functional. Take a look at these affordable bowling bag looks by AFONiE

Bowling Bag Black Leather Classic Bag (pictured left) - $16
Washable Vegan Leather Bowling Bag (pictured right) - $24




3. Kipling Style Bags

Ah, how could we make a 2000's girls list and not include the Kipling bag? We couldn't of course!

Back in the mid to late 2000's these oversized weekend style bags were all the rage. They acted as paired down gym bags, but were dressed up to be as cute as a classic Chanel. If you're in the market for a big bag that is a stylish as it is useful check out these affordable looks: 

Crossbody Leather Duffle Bag (pictured left) - $17
Travel Duffle Weekender Bag (pictured right) - $23.75
 Kipling Style Bag


4. Wristlets

Way back when Uggs and Mini-Skirt combos were considered a good idea, women everywhere were obsessed with wristlets. And let's be honest -- it's easy to see why!

These fashionable mini-wallets are as cute as they are convenient. Take a look at these adorable AFONiE wristlets that are actually affordable: 

RFID Collection Brown Premium Leather Wristlet (pictured left) - $10
RFID Collection Side Wristlet (pictured middle) - $10
Leather Wristlet Clutch (pictured right) - $22



5. Hip Clip Bags

Back at the beginning of the new millennium versatile belt bags and fanny bags were a hot ticket. The ease of access and convenient carrying options they provide are why they’ve had such staying power. Today, they're making another splash on the scene, but fortunately for you the looks have gotten a lot cuter than what we wore back in the day. 

Take a look at these affordable hip-hugging bags by AFONiE:

(Left) Hip Clip Studded Purse Pouch - $12
(Middle) Clutch/Pouch Leather Womens Purse- $11
(Right) Travel Leather Fanny Packs - $26

Leather Clip Pouch with Detachable Strap and Belt Loop Clutch/Pouch Leather Womens Purse Travel Leather Fanny Packs


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