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Love Goop’s New Jewelry Line? Get These Goop-Inspired Looks For a Fraction of The Price

By Isaiah Bradford February 15, 2022 0 comments

Jewelry can often times make or break a look. The problem is, so often the high quality show-stopping pieces we desire are priced outside of our budget.

For example, Actress and CEO of lifestyle brand Goop Gwyneth Paltrow's recent jewelry line release consists of an array of beautiful items, with the most inexpensive piece costing a staggering $78 USD. 

In a recent interview, Paltrow discussed why she's a jewelry junkie:

“One of the reasons I love jewelry so much is because it’s so expressive,” she explained on set recently in between photos. “How you mix and match it says so much about your state of mind and what’s inspiring you in that moment.” 

While Goop's designs are uniquely beautiful, they're also priced well outside of the reach of the average American. As an alternative, take a look at these Goop-worthy looks that cost a fraction of the price:

1. Delicate Dangle Earrings 

Cute, playful, and undeniably cool. That's how Goop describes their Apple Circle Pave Drop Earrings. While they are simplistic yet intricate at the same time, the same can be said for WLS's Gold Sparkling Tree of Life Earrings

While the Goop version goes for an astronomical $1450 (pictured left,) you can get the WLS look (pictured right) for just $15.


2. Heart Shaped Accessories

The heart motif refers to friendship, devotion and affection, although the most powerful and significant of all hearts in jewelry are the versions that refer to deep, romantic and enduring love. The symbolic pieces are some of the most timeless and popular, especially around this time of year. 

Goop's $3150 Pure Love Necklace (pictured left) is a beauty, but why pay the cost of a down payment for a home when you can get 4-piece heart shaped jewelry set (pictured right) by WLS for just $6.


3. Blinged Out Bracelets

Blinged out, diamond encrusted bracelets are all the rage, and it's easy to see why. Slim, sleek, stylish, and sexy, they easily add a flair to any outfit and can elevate your style from "eh" to"YAY!" 

If you're springing for a real diamond bracelet than Goop's Knife-Edge Link Diamond Tennis Bracelet (pictured left) may be the one for you -- if you're willing to shell out $9450. If you're looking for a more affordable option that comes in an array of colors check out these High Quality Stainless Steel and Cubic Zirconia Bracelets by WLS that start at just $19.55. 


4. Colorful Hearts 

While gold heart diamond encrusted necklaces are popular, colorful heart's are quickly becoming a fashionable favorite.

For example, Goop just dropped a beautiful 18-Karat Ruby Heart Necklace (pictured left) for the low price of $3740. If you're not looking to spend thousands, then check out this comparable Colorful Crystal Heart Shaped Necklace Covered w/ Angel Wings by WLS that are available for just $22. 


5. Blinged Out Hoop Earrings

By now, you may be noticing a theme. Bling is the thing! Sexy hoops elevate any outfit, but sexy hoops that are encrusted in diamonds are so much more interesting. 

With that being said, you can spend $6040 on these Pavé Diamond Crossroad Hoops (pictured left) OR you can save more than six thousand dollars when you purchase these Silver Medium Rhinstone Earrings (pictured right) by WLS for $12.99.


6. Layered Rings

By now you've had to have noticed how hot rings are in fashion. Everyone from Rihanna to the girls of Euphoria have been rocking the layered ring look for the last few years. 

While Goops doesn't sell ring sets, they do have a layered Stella Ring (pictured left) that really embodies this trend. However, it'll cost you $6800. If you're looking for a more affordable set that's just as sexy try this 13-piece Gold Ring Set by WLS.


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