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Affordable Sex And The City Inspired Handbags

By Isaiah Bradford February 08, 2022 0 comments

In the fall of 1998, the world was introduced to four fabulously New York ladies when Sex And The City premiered on HBO. 

The progressive show was the first to showcase women in their 30’s navigating love, sex, relationships, and careers with the seductive city that never sleeps acting as their playground. While the show helped cement the sex-positive society that we live in today, it also had a major impact on fashion going forward thanks to its risk-taking stylist, Patricia Field.

Whether you’re a fan of the original Sex And The City or just diving into the iconic world of Carrie Bradshaw and friends with And Just Like That, there’s no denying the cultural influence the series has had on fashion over the last 20+ plus years.

While Ms. Bradshaw is widely regarded as the show’s resident footwear fanatic, she also has a serious eye for accessories. 

To celebrate last weeks season one finale of And Just Like That, let’s take a look at the timeless handbags Carrie, Charlotte, Miranda, and Samatha helped to popularize – from the iconic Hermès Birkin bag to that fabulous Fendi Baguette, and find similar looks for less. 

Fendi Baguette

Let’s kick things off with that unforgettable Fendi Baguette. A staple in the Bradshaw wardrobe, this bag first made its TV debut in season 2 of Sex And The City when Carrie declared it’s not a bag – “it’s a baguette!” This handbag is synonymous with the show and inspired divas of its’s day like Britney Spears and Jennifer Lopez.

Carrie Bradshaw Fendi Baugette

While its initial appearances were eye-catching in the early 2000s, the bag has proved its staying power by making an appearance in the recent reboot

If you’re in the market for a Fendi style handbag that won’t break the budget check out these affordable alternatives:

Ladies 2 Compartment Lambskin Leather Handbag, BaugetteSoft Leather Flap Crossbody Bag
(Left) Ladies 2 Compartment Lambskin Leather Handbag - $34.00
(RightSoft Leather Flap Crossbody Bag - $24.00


The Lady Dior

The Lady Dior

Often times when we think SATC fashion, Carrie Bradshaw comes to mind – but many forget that the conservative queen Charlotte York was quite stylish in her own right. 

In fact, it was Mrs. York-Goldenblatt that that perfectly paired a pink Lady Dior bag with her pink two-piece throwback 50s inspired skirt suit. 

The luxurious bag by Christian Dior epitomizes regality and refinement – making it the most on-brand character/purse combo in the show’s history. 

If you’re feeling this structured tote-style handbag, than look no further than AFONiE’s Striped Collection, which offers beautifully hand crafted genuine leather tote bags in red, brown, black, and navy blue. 

Check out these affordable alternatives:

3 Compartments Tote Leather Bag - Assorted Colors Shoulder Leather Hobo Bag Medium Suede Working Tote

(Left) 3 Compartments Tote Leather Bag - $29
(Middle) Shoulder Leather Hobo Bag - $24
(Right) Medium Suede Working Tote - $16


The Gucci Belt Bag

Sex And The City's Carrie Bradshaw Rocks the Gucci Belt Bag

We all know how versatile belt bags and fanny bags are. The ease of access and convenient carrying options they provide are why they’ve had such staying power. In fact, they’ve really made a comeback in the last five years.

But just because they’re convenient doesn’t mean they’re always cute. Enter: Carrie’s coveted Gucci Belt Bag. This piece is so iconic it was featured in the original SATC, and brought back recently in the reboot. 

It makes sense that Carrie would bring this bag into the next decade(s.) She is the ultimate girl-on-the-go!

If you’re like Carrie and constantly on the run, check out these affordable belt bag alternatives: 

 Clutch/Pouch Leather Womens Purse Travel Leather Fanny Packs
(Left) Hip Clip Pear Studded Purse Pouch - $12
(Middle) Clutch/Pouch Leather Womens Purse - $11
(Right) Travel Leather Fanny Packs - $26

Hermès Birkin

No SATC fashion-inspired list would be complete without the holy grail of handbags: the Hermès Birkin. 

No one can forget when badass boss woman Samantha Jones attempted to wield her PR powers by name dropping her gorgeous and talented client Lucy Liu to score this stylishly sexy purse. The structured genuine leather bag has been cemented into our heads ever since. 

Samantha Jones Sex And The City Hermes Birkin Bag

While the Birkin bag originally retailed for $4000, they now go for upwards of $20k (yikes!) 

If you’re in the market for a Birkin-like bag, check out these affordable alternatives by AFONiE: 

Black Craft Organizer Leather Bag Super Soft Genuine Lambskin Leather Purse Spacious Leather Tote Bag
(Left) Black Craft Organizer Leather Bag - $12
(Middle) Super Soft Genuine Lambskin Leather Purse - $25
(Right) Spacious Leather Tote Bag - $29

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