🎓 Graduation Season is Here! May 2, 2019 16:37

A whole new graduating class of fresh faces is leaving behind a life of beer pong and Beekeeping Theory 101 and ready to enter society as fully-functioning adults. The question is—how exactly do you celebrate tuition well spent?

Apparently by spending another $5.2 billion in celebratory gifts!

With our collection of leather small goods, you too can get a piece of the pie by offering our new graduates and their proud parents anything from evening bags to party night or RFID blocking wallets for planning days out in town. Also, large lightweight totes for apartment hunting days and many other stylish colorful travel accessories. Their future is bright and your possibilities are endless.

All you have to do is add great comfort products to your collection and spread the word on whatever platform you choose!

lightweight crossbody bag

As always, contact us if you need any help.

Happy business