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Supply your store with a stunning array of gorgeous handbags and accessories!

By Etty Fhima May 09, 2019 0 comments

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Trendy. Gorgeous. Affordable. What every handbag retailer is looking for in a product line, and what WLS can offer the retailer. Handbag styles can be timeless. They can conjure up eras of classic sophistication by just hanging on your arm. They can also be fashion forward, pulling the wearer above and beyond the here and now. Transformative, yet utterly easy and complementary; that’s the magic of the right handbag.

Entranced yet?

You can offer this magic to your customers if you sell handbags from
WLS, the premier handbag supplier for quality handbag retailers want to SELL.
At WLS, we carefully monitor seasonal trends and manufacture our bags
to match the best designs at the moment. Our bags are custom crafted and sewn to high detail to ensure beauty and durability. We create our bags to suit the styles and trends that grace the best fashion magazines and most exclusive boutiques so that our customers feel wonderful when wearing our bags; it’s our pride and joy.
Not only WLS put designs and craftsmanship first, but we do it at a price point that allows our retailers to make a sizeable profit while still passing along
savings to their customers. Every handbag is a deal because we know that’s what our customers ultimately need. Due to the excellent systems, we have in place, we have the ability to customize designer trends with similar details and excellent manufacturing processes while maintaining a low cost. The premium products we produce are functional and attractive without the outlandish prices of comparable designer pieces. When you showcase these handbags to your buyers, you are essentially putting an easy sell in your store. Chic fashionistas who work for a living and must have the season’s hottest styles are looking for these products. Plus, they purchase new bags all the time. As designer prices climb higher and higher, more style mavens are realizing that they can obtain the same fashionable items at a fraction of the cost with other brands. Be the store they flock...

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As always feel free to contact us we will gladly help you build your profitable handbags collection.
Happy Day and be great!

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